Neck Botox

Neck Botox Before And After

Neck Botox Before And After

Neck botox before and after Today, with the rise of awareness and self-care, facial aesthetics is more or less important.  Shining on the face, youth and collagen vaccines or other mesotherapy programs, while giving flexibility and vitality to the face, slows down aging considerably.  Our neck is the area that we forget and ignore while doing all these, but when viewed externally as a whole, it attracts attention.

Wrinkles and wraps occur in the neck area over time, just like on our face, and even these lines begin to appear from an early age, since it has a more delicate skin than our face.

Neck botox can be applied to treat the wrinkles in the neck area or to treat the bands formed by the neck muscle called platysma.  Nefertiti botox, also known as neck, gives effective results in neck antiageing application.

 Do I Need Neck Botox?

If fine wrinkles and sagging have started in your neck area and décolleté area and you are uncomfortable with this appearance, you need neck botox procedure.  This image may occur with time and age, but in cases such as hereditary factors and related to skin structure, it causes this image.  With neck botox, wrinkles on the surface of the skin are reduced, sagging is recovered, and along with this, you will have a neck with a moist glowing design.  It is one of the most used methods in neck rejuvenation.

 How is Neck Botox Applied?

For this procedure, the neck area is first cleaned.  The area is then anesthetized with a numbing cream.  After numbness occurs, the wrinkled areas are marked and botulinum toxin is injected into the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles.  This procedure ends in as little as 15 minutes and you can resume your daily life immediately after the procedure.

 What Should We Pay Attention Before Neck Botox Application?

If you are using a drug, you should inform your doctor.  If you are, among the drugs you use, you should inform your doctor about these drugs, and within the knowledge of your doctor, you should take a break one week beforehand.

neck botox before and after

 What Should We Pay Attention To After Neck Botox?

Neck botox before and after the neck botox application, it is not recommended to touch the procedure area with water for an average of 3 to 4 hours.

Avoid exposure to high temperatures such as saunas, Turkish baths, and very steamy baths for 5 days.

The neck area should not be massaged for up to a week.

How Long Does the Nefertiti Botox Procedure Take?

The Nefertiti botox procedure is a procedure that ends in as little as 15 minutes on average.  You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure.

 Is Decollete Botox a Painful Procedure?

In Decollete Botox, approximately 30 minutes before the application, the area is anesthetized with a numbing cream, and the procedure is performed with very fine-tipped needles, called ghost needles, in order to minimize the level of pain and pain.  In this way, our patients do not feel any pain or pain.

 When Does the Effect Begin to Be Seen in Neck Botox?

The effect of botulinum toxin application applied to the neck and décolleté area is not distinguished immediately after the procedure.  Even if the effect of the process occurs after 3-4 days, the full effect is seen as of the 15th day.

 Is Neck Botox Permanent?

Like all botox programs, neck botox application is not a permanent procedure.  Requires repetition.  However, with each repeated practice, the usage time of botox is prolonged.

 How Long Does the Effect of Neck Botox Last?

The effect of neck botox is like normal botox and lasts for 4-6 months.  Botox starts to lose its effect from the 4th month and in the 6th month, the botox is completely dissolved in terms of the body.  If desired, a repetitive application can be made.

 Neck Botox What are the Advantages of Botox?

It is a short stretching procedure that does not require surgery.  After the procedure, your skin will rejuvenate, shine and your wrinkles will be clear.  At the same time, they collect the chin, the neck appears thinner and longer.

Neck Botox Does Botox Have Any Side Effects?

Since the neck and décolleté area is thin and meticulous after neck and décolleté botox, side effects such as slight redness or bruising may occur after the procedure.  These disappear in 1-2 hours by making an ice program.  Apart from these, as long as neck and décolleté neck botox before and after. How Many Sessions Does Neck Botox Take Neck and décolleté botox is a one-time procedure. On the 15th day after the application, our patients come to the inspection session if necessary and a retouching program is made if necessary.


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